Cardano Price Rallies 13.5% as Milkomeda Foundation Prepares for Mainnet Launch

• Cardano (ADA) has gained 13.5% in the last seven days and its developers have big plans for its layer-1 blockchain.
• Milkomeda C1 will launch on mainnet, allowing ADA users to use EVM contracts directly from their wallets and make Cardano one of the largest EVM chains by user count.
• Milkomeda promotes inter-blockchain interoperability and allows dapp developers to build their dapps on Cardano with Solidity code, and also become a powerhouse in on-chain gaming thanks to Paima Studios.

Cardano Price Rally

The Cardano (ADA) price has seen a 13.5% increase in the last seven days, making it an attractive investment option for many traders and investors.

Milkomeda Foundation Plans

The developers at Milkomeda Foundation have big plans for the layer-1 blockchain that could further fuel the price rally. Sebastien Guillemot, CTO and co-founder of Milkomeda, Paima Studios, dcSpark and Flint Wallet claimed that Cardano will be a top Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chain as early as next month with the launch of Milkomeda C1 on mainnet. The project has been in constant work since mid-2021 and introduces Cardano’s EVM layer, allowing any ADA user to use EVM contracts directly from any Cardano wallet without having to bridge tokens to another network.

Interoperability & Accessibility

Milkomeda is a protocol that connects several leading blockchains such as Cardano, Algorand, Polkadot and Solana in order to help non-EVM-based cryptocurrencies tap into the already large user base of the Ethereum ecosystem with EVM-based sidechains providing rollup technologies for leading layer-1 ecosystems by offering Solidity smart contracting language which promotes inter-blockchain interoperability and accessibility for developers at the layer-2 level.

Dapp Building On Cardano

Dapp developers from Ethereum’s Virtual Machine world can now build their dapps on Cardano via Milkomeda coded in Solidity meaning users can perform transactions seamlessly with ADA allowing any EVM project to deploy their dApp to the whole Cardano community without having to buy extra token– they can do everything with the ADA they already have in their wallets.

On Chain Gaming On Cardao

Cardao is set up become “a powerhouse in on chain gaming” thanks to Paima Studios/Milkomada where users are able play all blockchain based games on other layer 1 blockchains without needing bridge tokens or networks

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